I'm officially a WordPress blogger!!!

I wish I would have just started out with wordpress it really does have so much more to offer a blogger.

I decided to redesign the blog to better with my new lifestyle theme Thanks to Krisit from Addicted to Decorating who helped me get the theme all set up .

To be honest I was Happy with Blogger I had dug my feet in and wasn't planning to ever switch WordPress , but then I came across  a deal I couldn't pass up

Louis from Christiatech.com helped bring my blog from Blogger over to WordPress he truly is very talented and helpful he promises to stick around and help

until you are satisfied with your move answers all of your questions .

If you are looking to switch I highly! recommend him for the job or even if you need help with your website development he is your guy.

Here is a list of the many areas louis can help you in

  • Migrate Any Blog Type to WordPress (Blogger, TypePad, BlogML, XML, RSS feeds, etc) without losing followers, comments, pages, etc (unless a server blocks me, in which case I will make sure the information gets transferred manually)

  • Modify existing Themes to suit the needs, including adding additional options

  • Create new themes, complete with design and Theme Options

  • Install Frameworks and customize them

  • Create custom plugins and widgets or modify existing ones

  • Install and configure plugins for best performance

  • Find and correct any issues regarding the performance of a site, including in the databases, and also improve SEO

  • Configure and maintain SEO strategies, including Search Engine Marketing (eg. Google AdWords), Social Media Platform Marketing, Keyword analysis and development or general marketing change for good SEO copy writing.

  • Create and maintain Marketplaces on WordPress using almost any checkout system (Paypal, Google Checkout, etc) and create an inventory of items for sale on your websites

  • Multi-site development for WordPress

  • Webmaster maintenance for server site configuration (cPanel only) including the modification and development of htaccess files, redirects, permalink rewriting, FTP configurations, automated cron jobs, backups and server/site security

  • Site redesigns as needed, including graphic design or theme modifications as well as correcting the hierarchy of pages if necessary for better SEO and PageRank

  • Create anything on WordPress such as Custom post types, configurations for custom taxonomies, etc to add additional functions

  • Perform auditing of sites for SEO and marketing monitoring, such as adding and configuring Anaylitics, webmaster tools, sitemaps, search monitoring, rank monitoring (alexa, pagerank, bing, indexing, organic ranks), etc

  • Design and Develop business web sites, not only blogs


So all that being said what do you think of My New Look? I will still be updating and adding things this next week so bare with me by the end of the weekend all of the New labels will be added .




  1. Thanks so much for such a nice review Brooke!!

    I'm really glad I could help you migrate over, and I'm still available for you! Enjoy yourself on your new setup!

  2. It looks great, Brooke! Welcome to Wordpress! :)

  3. Brooke6:35 AM

    Thanks Louis :0)

  4. Brooke6:35 AM

    Thanks Anna :)

  5. Looks fantastic, Brooke! I bet you are sooo glad to have it done!

    Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

  6. Brooke6:48 AM

    Thank you Jessica :) , I sure am glad to be all settled in .

  7. HOLY SHMOLY! What a difference! did you lose any information when you transferred over? I believe I am going to have to make the same change. Love it! Love, Me

  8. Brooke7:10 AM

    None :) , I was expecting to loose something since everyone seems too . But Louis was Great .
    I truly suggest you have him help you move over . I can help you move your design over if you would like :)

    I really Love it , Im still learning but got the basics down everything just flows so much better now .


  9. It looks great! And it fits in my screen so much nicer! Great job. Did you do this yourself? Brave, brave girl!

  10. It looks great, Brooke! I love the design especially the header and the site seem load faster.

  11. Brooke5:42 AM

    Thanks :) .


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