Convert a wine tumbler into a colorful flower vase

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Inspired by Spring and all its hues and textures; today I'm going to show you how to convert an everyday item like a wine tumbler into a beautiful and colorful flower vase.

In this tutorial, although I'm using some inexpensive plastic wine tumblers, any plastic or crystal vase would do just fine. Besides this all you'll need is leftover paint (I just love how many things I've done with a couple of Behr paint samples), a glue gun and a brush.

The first thing to do is the outside design of the tumblers. With the glue gun I placed different sizes of glue drops and let them dry. Just remember not to burn yourself and that this type of glue dries quickly.


Materials from left to right: leftover sampler Behr paint; Martha Stewart's chalkboard paint for the outer part of the tumbler; sponge brush and glue gun.

When the glue was completely dry, I started painting the inside of each tumbler. I pour about a 1/4 cup of paint and started twisting and turning until the inside was completely cover. To help eliminate any leftover paint inside the tumbler, I place it upside down on top of an empty can. After this I place the vase on its side in front of a fan to help with the drying time.


When the inside of each tumbler was completely dry, I started painting the outside with the Martha Stewart's chalkboard paint. I used this paint because when dry,  the resulting effect is a matte rustic one (kind like ceramic) which I just love. I gave each piece three coats of paint.


Here is the final result. As always, with a little paint, you can do tons of things.


  1. I absolutely love these, and have a few of these lying around...may be nice as tea light holders for the patio as well...adore!

    Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

  2. Brooke7:10 AM

    Good Idea .. Im going to be hunting for these Monday at Goodwill for sure.

  3. I have so many different colors of paint around from projects we've done recently. Could you even just paint the inside of the glass? I thought that was a cool look as well.


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