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My name is Brooke aka ( Bee , Cookie ) I'm married to a Wonderful Brilliant handsome Man Lonnie Aka BIG ( since ours son and him share a name  ) I stay at home with our 3 wonderful Children Our oldest is  is 7 and he is the sweetest little boy , a perfect first born , Our Middle son is   he is 6 years old , he is so much FUN! he is funny and always making people laugh Loves both his brothers so much , Our BABY is 3 he came into this world to change the hearts of everyone he meets , today at 3 all my worries for what he would be able to do are all gone , he is amazing and does anything and everything anyone can do probably even better then most of us.   I have a wonderful family  growing up I was raised with 6 sisters and 1 brother ( Poor Guy ) and now I have a Wonderful Sister in law and Brother in law to add to my family . Im a Proud Sister to Army boy and Navy girl My brother is in Iraq right now and Sister is in Afghanistan. ( always ask to send Prayers their  way ).  

About what I do with my time  , I loved to craft and design just about anything I can , I have a digital scrapbook business called My Time Scraps , I also run a Graphic Design Shop called My Time Creations , I have a HUGE addiction to browsing Blogs and Pinterest . Im the one who fixes things when they break in our home .

Email me at : getouttamyheadplease@yahoo.com


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    Hi Brooke,
    I would love to see if you were interested in heping me with ideas. Please contact me at nettiegirl32@aol.com


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