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Everyone welcome our latest guest blogger Kelsey from ChicnSavvy Reviews

About Author:
My Name is Kelsey and I am the owner of ChicnSavvy Reviews! I love blogging and hosting giveaways on my site, as well as sharing daily deals and freebies! I also love knitting, it is a new hobby of mine!! Thanks for taking the time to check out this easy DIY Craft!!

Here is an easy way to add some design into your Craft Room/Corner! I had 3 Black Frames and I made it into a fun display on top of my ribbon hanger I made!! Here is How to do this . . .
Pick out what frames you want to use, then just take ribbon and cut it into pieces length wise to cover the glass part. For these 4x6 frames it took 3 strips per frame. Cut the ribbon to fit the frame, as you can see above I still needed to trim a couple of my ribbons, but you can see the 3 pieces of ribbon.
Once you have ribbon the right size, then just put the back on the frame and make sure your ribbon is even, and the way you like it. Then just showcase it on a shelf like I did, or hang them on the wall, do whatever your heart desires!!

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