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Hi all! I am Janel and I blog over at Hating Martha. My blog is about how chaos and imperfection create a perfect life. I try my hand at all sorts of DIY, painting, crafting, sewing, recipes...you name it. Some times I do pretty good, sometimes I am a big ol' giant mess. But, its always fun and bound to make you smile! Pop over sometime and say hi. I make a mean pot of virtual tea! I am so glad to be a guest here at Get Out of My Head Please! Isn't this just a fun place to hang out? Yeppers...makes me smile! Today I want to show you a little project I did recently and thought you all would like to sneak a peek at...
I have both an Ipad and Sony e-reader that I love.
And carry around. In my purse.
I did have seperate cases for both of them. But it took up serious space.
So I came up with my own solution.
The culprits...
This is the way I measure. Eyeballing.
I cut 4 eyeballed squares.
Put right sides together of 2 and sew up only 3 sides.
Do the same with the other 2 squares.
You should end up with two pieces.
I then stuffed the two pieces with batting.
And sewed up the open sides.
I made a pocket for the e-reader by eyeballing the size and added an inch or so.
2 of these pieces sewn up with right sides together, flipped inside out and stuffed with batting.
Then sew up that open edge.
I attached that pocket to one of the larger, main pieces with giant ribbon. 
Be sure to leave your top open.
If you don't get the pocket nice and tight to the e-reader then think about adding a little
button flap or such to the top.
I added some crazy stitching all over the main pieces to cut down on the bulk and add some prettiness.
Put the two large pieces together and sew ( be sure the e-reader pocket is on the inside)
Double stitching wherever possible helps keep everything sturdy and strong.
Trim the corners and turn inside out.
There you have it. 
I added some cute little brooches to the front.
And I used fabric I had on hand, not my favorites. But. It works great!
Thanks so much for having me here Brooke, it's been great fun!

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