My Christmas Mantel

This was the easiest mantel so far I knew right away what I wanted it to look like and when I got my Lovely Star bunting from my newest Blogger Friend Angie at ourlittlenestupnorth , I was so happy it matched my colors so perfectly .

 I added the little red bulbs to bring the red color to it ( I go a little crazy with matching colors )

I made this A from a old cereal box and yarn and as you can see below it isn't perfect lol I need to cut the extra cardboard off but didn't see it for some reason Un-till I just now added the picture to this post ( YIKES)

I painted some pine cones that are from my backyard and also my favorite thing ever FREE! next year I will send a box to someone :)  The little Green tree is from the Dollar tree ( Another Fav) 

My Wonderful Angel is from the Goodwill I will post about the before's on that one later it wasn't this pretty before. I only paid 2.50 

Well that is it , What do you think?

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