#1 I decorated my tree for under $10 ( Crinkled Streamers)

I'm not Cheap but I would rather call it Thrifty :) I could Give a price to everything I have for decor in my house and I would be surprised if anything! is over $10 that I have bought  I say that because I still have a few things from our wedding that were pretty expensive if I would have known that people would Actually buy me the things on my registry I would have added some really nice fine china to hide away until the boys are 18 and moved out then display them :) , anyways I'm getting of topic here so here is the first post for my Christmas tree decor.

Crinkled Streamers are Perfect for Garland and I only used 1 roll so that was only .50 
below is a step by step on how I did it .

Man My tree is needing some fluffing or something lol 
Thanks for reading My short post ! 

Make sure to stop over at my "Show it off" Monday Link party you can link anything you have blogged about so even if it isn't a DIY project or crafty I still want to see it .
I was thinking of starting a link party called "getting to know you " and just have people link up their about me pages 

ps. I will be posting the rest of the steps in the next few days

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