The Start of the Boys Room Makeover (3 boys 1 room)

3 boys 1 room part*1

We moved into our new house last year and really have done no big updates yet .  I was told that no matter what I do in this new house I'm ot allowed to Paint , I guess My painting skills at our old house were NOT so great ??? I always hit the ceiling and molding . So he promises that we will hire a professional to do all the painting in the new house which was OK by me heck painting and my fibromyliga don't mix very well anyways , So anyways I found this site called Olioboard its a great site to make a design board or create a complete room design . This is what I came up with for the Boys room which was not a great idea since I'm not really good with waiting and once I make my mind up on how I what something to look its really hard not to just attempt to get it done !

So while Big was away on business I went to Ace to ask some questions and to pick a paint color I wanted when a Lady stopped me and had overheard me talking about how Im NOT allowed to paint , she said that she is the same way and that she found a tool that fixed the problem this wonderful little tool

So I Picked My paint color and my rollers and got home quick I only had 2 days to get it done before he got home .

Here is what the boys room looked like before sorry for poor pictures I was using my phone 

First BAD idea I had with their room is letting them stick all these Dollar Store Re-movable Stickers to the wall it was a HUGE pain to remove them but once that was done it was time to get to work. 

So I started to tape the ceiling just in case 

LOOK! it was a perfect line it was so fast too I went around the whole room in maybe 10 mins and it was all cut in .

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