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This week I did my all time Favorite DIY project I turned My Ugly and boring counters into amazing Granite. 

Above is what My counters looked like before, They are a Cream colored Marble I know there are probably alot of people out there that would love this marble look but for me its just not my style. I would Love to update all the bathrooms with real granite but it was not in our budget , I was online searching for a way to update my counters or paint them and I came across a couple posts about how to do a granite look but it looked like way to much work you had to use spray paint and then you have to apply dust particles to give it the granite look and even then it didnt look right to me , I almost gave up on doing it myself when until i seen the feature of Giani on CBS I was so excited. So I got online went to their website (Here) and picked what color I wanted .

 I picked the Chocolate Brown it arrived within 7 days it was like Christmas when it arrived I m not sure the last time I have been that excited over a product inside was everything you need to get this project done it includes :
                                                       -12 Oz. of IronCoreTM Primer-Base Coat    
 - 6 Oz. of Brown Feldspar Mineral     
- 6 Oz. of Inca Gold Mineral    
 - 6 Oz. of Chocolate Brown Mineral    
 - 16 Oz. of Automotive Polyurethane Topcoat    
 - 6" GIANITM roller arm and two roller pads    
 - 4" GIANITM granite paint sponge    
 - 2" Foam Brush     
-  Black Practice Poster Board      
 - 'Paint-by-Number' DVD for beginners           
-  Illustrated Instructions

Value :$70.00

   So I got Started 
  • First I Followed the instructions for Marble I found on the website I wiped down counter and sanded it up with 600 grit sand paper very lightly , then re wiped it all down to get any dust off the counter.  
  • Then I turned the water off to faucet so I could remove it well as you can see by the picture that didn't work our to well  I could not get the nuts off they were stuck so I just taped all around it , I had to tape the inside of the sink a inch down and around since my counter is one full piece . ( hardest part of the whole project!) 

 Next I applied the Primer
( it already looked so much better to me all black) 

And now the Fun begins! After letting the primer dry for 8 hours I started Step 2 the first color . 

 Here is a picture after step 3 the next shade of color added 

And Now after all the shades ! 

 So here is how I got it the cracks and corners , I took the sponge from the kit and Cut to smaller pieces off it , I used the tip of the screw driver and taped the smallest piece to it to get in the corners . 

Tada! I mean tell me that it doesn't look amazing! 

Today On Giani's Facebook page I found another great post on Giani Counter top kit you have to check out her before and afters if you are still thinking, Hmmm , Im not sure I can do this or should do this! Click on her picture Below to go to her post 

Let her know what you think ! 

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