Fireplace update

I for some reason could not find a picture of my fireplace before ? But this one is way cuter anyway .
Here is the fireplace before my plan was to add a mantel to the fireplace. But BIG was not into 
with attaching anything to the brick wall so it was time to think outside the box , A few years ago at our old house we bought this electric fireplace it has been sitting in our sun room since we moved in last year . 
                   So I thought why not just see what it will look like with a mantel and after I put it up I just loved the way it looks our current fireplace is gas so this is less expensive to run and believe it or not actually really does warm the room up .  

And now to start decorating the mantel ! 

Went on a hunt in the basement for my autumn decor , Im a little bummed I think in the move or garage sale I might have gotten rid of most of it. Here is all I found. 

It looks good but something was missing , I found these old wreaths that the lady that lived here before left  it was a little to big for what I wanted to do so I got to taking it apart NOT a great idea when you don't have gloves on . 

Stop and Play Water bottle bowling with Monkey . 

I still feel like it needs something. Some more color maybe ? 

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