Switching My Light Fixtures

Switching My Light Fixtures

   Since we Moved in I have hated! the dining room chandelier ( positive it has 10 bulbs on it ) , I'm not a Gold fan at all and the lady that owned this house was so all the curtain rods and fixtures are gold , now our kitchen had been updated and the light fixture is a brand new brushed nickel chandelier (downside it has only 5 bulbs)  our kitchen has no windows and is dark I was surfing around for new light fixtures and then I thought hmmm why don't I switch them around and paint the dining room one to look more updated . So I went on a hunt for how to switch out a light fixture this has been the only project I have not attempted to do being shocked is no fun! so I went to Pinterest  and found a post on how to change out a light fixture . Click here to see the post .


Dining Room 


First thing most important part making sure to turn of the breaker I was lucky
both lights were on the same one .

It was so super easy I even have a dimmer on both lights it took me maybe 10 mins to have both
lights down and the small fixture up and working in the dining room . 

look how pretty! 

Ok this was the worst! part of the project painting this took forever I had to take alot of it apart to get to the posts inside the globes well after I hung and had it all put together I forgot to take the top globe off so if you look closely you can see the gold post so at some point I have to take that heavy thing down and apart to paint that post but as for today I'm done .

My camera is acting funny these pictures are not the greatest but it looks really Great . 

Ta Da! 

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