Family Room makeover

Our next room to give a update is our family room or  we actually refer to it as Dad's living room since the boys are NOT allowed to hang out and make a mess in this one room and so far it works .

first step in any room makeover is to update the wall color as of right now it is a pale yellow color which I do believe at one point was white .

Here are some before pictures


I was contacted by Dutch Boy Paints and Purdy to review some of their products the timing couldn't have been more perfect , I have never used Dutch boy paint before to be honest we have only used one brand of paint in our new house and vowed to stick with that same brand through out once Big likes a product its hard for him to try something new even if its FREE so you can guess the added stress I put in his life the day the paint arrived lol .


The paint color I choose for this room is called BAMBOO from Dutch boy paint


The Purdy Products I will be reviewing are


PRO-EXTRA® White Dove™


Did you know that TV Design Star Lisa LaPorta is offering a in-home room makeover and many more awesome prizes
Grand Prize: A Lisa LaPorta Room Makeover

Lisa will design a custom room makeover for you and then come to your home to restore the room. Includes up to $5,000 of decor, labor and furnishings.
Second Prize: Design Panel Crayola Room Makeover

Our Design Panel will design a custom room makeover for your child/teen room and come to your home to restore the room. Includes $2,500 of decor, labor and furnishings.
Monthly Winners: Design Consults from Lisa & the Dutch Boy Design Panel

Each month Lisa and our Design Panel will choose from your room entries and provide digital design consults, including sketch, furnishing ideas and Dutch Boy paint color suggestions.
Weekly Winner

Everyone who uploads a room is entered to win 2 gallons of Dutch Boy paint in the color and sheen of their choice. One winner every week.


Here is how you enter for your chance to WIN .

Restored. See the decor restored >>


  1. Ohhhh- I can't wait to see! What a fun color you picked!!

  2. Very Exciting! We have a room that is "off-limits" to the kids too, it makes things a little nicer for mom and dad. lol ;-) I'm glad you are back, I can't wait to see what all creative goodness you'll be bringing us!


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