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If you follow along with my on Gomhp's Facebook Page  then you seen that Im planning to Re-do My kitchen Cabinets using a product that is offered from the same company I used to redo my bathroom counter tops and also on my Dresser to Tv Stand projects.

   It is a Kit with everything you need to redo your Cabinets 

Cabinet Paint Kit


No Sanding - No Priming
No Door Removal

 Covers approx 100 sq ft -or 40 linear feet - Typical Kitchen size

Kit Includes . . .
- Two 31 oz cans of
NUVOTM Cabinet Paint
- 1 roller arm
- 2 roller covers
- 1 brush
- 1 deglossing pad for
any non-wood surfaces
- 2 stir sticks
- Step-by-Step Illustrated

I'm so super excited!!  I'm going with a lighter color either white or the Coconut Espresso

So here is what my kitchen looks like now

Alot of people LOVE the color and I did too but its just too dark our new living room and dining room plus my new pantry are all Bright colors .. Plus the lighting is BAD so I want to brighten it up .. Here are the paint colors Im thinking of .. which one do you like best? or any other thoughts ?

This is my livingroom colors


  1. Love the 4th one, and I do like the 3rd as well!!

  2. I think the 4th is my favorite!

  3. Brooke1:58 PM

    I know I love those both too ..

  4. Brooke1:58 PM

    Me too

  5. Brooke1:58 PM

    I think I really LOVE the 4th as well

  6. Hmmm...I would say 2 or 4 :)
    PS-I just noticed my header under blogs you follow. It made my heart melt. Thanks SO much!!

  7. 4! How pretty!! So cheery!! :) can't wait to see it done!!!!

  8. Brooke8:16 AM

    Your very welcome Sweetness! it will be there through the blog anniversary also ... <3 you's meeg

  9. Brooke8:17 AM

    I know me too .. I wish some of my Bloggy Mommas lived by me I would make you all help me lol

  10. I love the Cream one #4! I think it would look good with your other colors! Can't wait to see what you come up with!!

  11. you definitely need a warmer sand tone. really great idea to try things out this way. way cheaper than overpainting.... want to invite you to come share this and participate in our linky party here:

  12. Brooke2:35 PM

    Thanks Carolyn Im really loving that choice too


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