Do you name your tooth fairy?

Do you name your tooth fairy?

When Little 1 lost his first tooth he asked me if the tooth fairy will leave him  a note with his name?

Of course it would have to be a boy he had a very convining reason why his tooth fairy would be a boy

and not a girl . " Mom girls don't like boys and boys don't like girls " Ahh Gotta love that age lol .

So of course his tooth fairy would leave him a note with his name Im not sure where or how it came too me

but I was tired okay ... Here are the names I picked for the tooth fairy's that visit our house

Little 1's - Sway 

Little 2's - Swiff 

What do you think?

The boys Love reading the notes from their magic friends more then they like the money I think

Little Two asked if his could come to dinner and we could make grass for dinner ???

I hope everyone has a great weekend! We begin our Summer after today !!!


  1. haha! :) Sway and Swiff Aye? Super cute Brooke! We have not named the tooth fairy-- hmmmm. I guess if the boys asked then i Enjoy your Summer girl- so happy to not have to get up and going every dog on morning to get these kiddos off.....yes. I am lazy and Like MY mornings. Me, Coffe, and FB. :)

  2. Brooke10:33 AM

    Lol Im so with ya .. people think Im crazy when I say how excited I am to have the boys home starting next week ..
    Duh.. I can sleep in or best part is they can Sleep in which gives me more quite Coffee time .. Second they can keep each other
    busy so I can hmmm maybe take a shower or use the bathroom without a 3 yr old asking if he can sit on my lap and read me
    a story ..


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