Living Room/ Dining Room Makeover Part # One

We are in the Process of Updating our Livingroom/Dining Room, we are almost all done so before I show you what it looks like now I thought I would share what it looked like before to give the best Before and afters .


The previous owners of our Home built it in the 70's and never used this room it was her " Pretty " room which meant her 3 children never stepped foot in it lol



So as you can see not my style at all ! This might be the most dramatic room Makeover I have ever done .

Stay Tuned.....

Are New colors!!!


  1. I am loving the colors you picked..I can't wait to see how it turned out!

  2. Brooke7:44 AM

    Thanks Karin we have had More negative comments about our colors then good lol so its nice to hear someone else likes them


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