How Re- Fill a empty Swiffer WetJet floor cleaner Container


I have so much love for my Swiffer Wet Jet  at my old house I only used it on one floor my small kitchen and my refill would last forever and then….. we moved into our New Home with these beautiful Wood floors and not so wonderful linoleum floors that I seem to have to clean at least once if not twice a day since it’s the main traffic area in our house oh and I have these 3 wild and crazy ( but wonderful) Dirty Messy Boys!!! Need I say more .

So onto the reason for the post I figured out how to open the Swiffer bottle I wish I could take credit for this brilliant break through but I had seen something somewhere in blog land that suggested you could open and refill the container with your own cleaner  and here is how you do it .

Turn the water on HOT!!!!! Hot water and let it run over the bottle cap for at least a minute and then take a towel place it over the cap and twist off , refill with your own cleaner and screw it back on TIGHT! and Tada you just saved yourself some MONEY!!




Step One    Step One
Step two    Step Three


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