Boys Room Part #5 + Free Printables ( 3 boys 1 Room)

  Well its getting there just little touches left but I thought I would share some nice shots I took this morning of the room plus a nice Printable for you all to enjoy.

Here are some SO far pictures ... I cant wait to finish moving the TV and cords . The window treatments are not done yet and I need to Add a light above each bed and a Bean Bag for reading and some throw pillows and maybe a rug . I plan to go to Ikea Monday to hopefully finish it up. 

The Next step in the Boys bedroom Project was putting a shelf up above each bed , I found a box of 8 of these unfinished shelf sets at a second hand store in town for only $12 that makes each shelf 1.50 I know what you are wanting to say "SHUT UP" . So I don't want to over load you with pictures so I didn't add the painting pictures its really simple I sprayed them black . 

Guess what I found in the garage never before used. Ok I will tell you its a laser pointer thing (I'm not really sure the name of it ) we got it about 5 years ago in a box with a shelf from clearance at home-depot I totally forgot about it which would have came in handy with my Badly hung gallery wall . 

Of course I lost the things that stick it to the wall , but no worries I have Scotch tape :) 

Best tool EVER! 

Best Helper ever! 

Tad da!

The Bins on the shelf I got from the Dollar Tree the orange I actually had to paint since they only had teal and green . The Book Shelf I bought at Walmart for $15 

What do you think? 

 Here are the Free printable's I made , I asked the boys what their favorite books are they ( Dylan and Lonnie) said Dr. Seuss so I made these with some of my favorite Dr. Seuss quotes I added their name to the tops in the download I'm attaching you will have a option to add a name to the top as well. 

I would really love a comment on what you think :)


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