Boys bedroom Part #2 (3 boys 1 room)

Last month I posted the start of the boys room makeover (3 boys 1 room) in that post I talked about how I came up with the design of their room using my new favorite design board site Here is what I came up with 

Why I went with Grey well because when you have 3 boys at 3 different ages its kinda hard to pick a common theme plus I was over the themed character bedrooms its a waste of money in my house with how fast these boys change their mind and likes . 

So I got to painting which I posted it about in my Part 1 post (3 boys 1 room) 

Now I was on the headboard hunt I knew just what I wanted sine when we were buying bunkbeds a few years back I had seen them at the matteress store, well I got Lucky at GW and found 2 of  these red metal headboards .

So now onto painting them black it was a little chilly but not too bad so out we went to spray paint them up 

yes I planned to paint them like this and then flip them that was until that brilliant husband of mine helped me <3 

I will be posting about putting them into the boys room later . I love spray paint it really makes something brand new again . 

Dont you LOVE my bench <3 
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