3 Boys 1 Room Part #3 ( Boys Bedroom)

            yay! for Black Friday the only thing we got this year was a nice Big Tv  for only $180 I know its a bit BIG for 3 small boys but hey they are going to grow up one day . So now onto hanging it on the wall the reason why I think hanging it on the wall is perfect for their room is because the layout of the room there really is no other way to put it where they can see it . Big found me a swivel wall hanger which is perfect. The only thing we need to do now is lower it , it ended up way to high we think plus the plug cant go flush against the wall right now since it is not long enough . I really want to do what what House of Hepworths did with her cords , brilliant stop over and check out her post .

So here is how it ended up for now it will 
be lowered at some point I swear lol . 

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