From old boring dollar store tree skirt to no-sew Pretty Ruffled Loveliness

I'm Loving all the great ruffled tree skirts out there in blog land so of course I had to have one too , I will feature other bloggers take on it at the end of the post . 

So here is mine I bought a tree skirt at the dollar tree last year and it just didn't fit with my theme this year but of course I couldn't throw it away so off to Pinterest I went to see what I could do to update it and make it all pretty I found this 
Pinned Image

So here is what I used 

Tree Skirt 
3 Different colors of fabric 
Hot glue Gun 

I will let the pictures talk  Check out the Blog I listed above she has a great tutorial on how she did her's.

Super simple and quick way to update your old ugly tree skirt .

Here are some others to check out 

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