Pinterest Copy Cat Party

         I vow to actually Start and finish a Idea From Pinterest  instead of just sitting and looking at Pinterest all day  .... Who is With me?

   Well like Most of us that are on Pinterest we all spend most of the creative time searching the site for things to make instead of actually making it , Well From now on I say on the 15th of every month we will have a Pinterest Intervention Party,  I will have a link party set up for those who also have found something on Pinterest that they want to make, Well get up and make it  then link your post here to inspire the rest of us To get off our Bums!  

   Im picking This Pin : 
Pinned Image

As Soon as I seen this I just knew I had to make it  So that is what I will be doing Today I will have my finished post up tonight ( Hey baby steps!) Im going to have the link party set up today so when your post is ready Come on over and link up! Hopefully I will get one other link up Im still a freshman Blog so I dont have very many followers just yet . : still no link ups :( hopefully next month! 

Rules For Linking 

1. Be a follower of GOMHP

2. Put the Link Party Button on your blog 

 3. Make sure our link is to your specific post not your main blog/site url

4. Make sure your Post has the Link back to the original place you got your Copy Cat Idea from .

5. Stop by at least 2 other Links and leave some Love ( we all love some comments)

6.  Most Important Have Fun and be inspired! 

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