Pinterest Copy Cat Project #1 (Halloween Gum Ball machine / Candle Holder

I posted yesterday Here about finally finishing a Pinterest inspired project I also have a link party up for those of you who have posted a pinterest inspired project too .

I have actually Gotten up and Made a Pinterest Inspired project, I picked this one 
Pinned Image

I love it , Don't you ?
 Well I wanted a Halloween Version  So I got to Work, I already had the Paint, Glue, Pot , 2 Washers and small Silver Disc (  I had this on hand for jewelry stamping ) and a Popsicle stick ,I did go to the Dollar Store and find the Round Jar which already had a perfect shape 
and a lid . 

Before I could get to work I had to get Monkey all set up Look at that face <3 

Here are the Pumpkins the Boys painted , Pretty Scary Huh 

Mommy Asked " Preston Why did you do that " 
Preston  " Cuz Im Cute Mama" 
Mommy " You are right about that " lol Silly Boy 
 After pot painted Black 
I needed a Spinner for the Front of the Gum Ball Machine so I broke the ends of a Popsicle Stick and Glued the two smaller pieces together   
Then Took a Small Washer and glued it in the center 

Took the Small Silver Disc and Glued it on top of the washer to cover up the circle in the washer  you could make your life easier and just use a disc to begin with but I like the dimension it has with the layered disc's .
Then I glued the larger washer to the Bottom and glued that to the center of the pot  add a little Ribbon and  Tada! 
So of course now I went to grab the candy I bought to put in it and couldn't find it well turns out  Big and the Boys found it and ate it all , Lol  So I put a candle in there instead and turns out I really Like it that way , What do you think?

 I went On a Hunt to find any blogs I could that also made this project Here are their versions I love them all

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