Re-usable Calender * Menu Planner*

I have a Facebook Page for all the Designing I do stop over and check it out I have a new giveaway every week .

So I have really been needing a new family Menu board , I needed it to be re-usable so I wouldn't have to re print or buy a new one every week or month . So I Designed up a Menu style that works with my kitchen and family Check it out Here .

So After I printed it (I used photo paper just to make it stronger), I found a old Picture Frame that was laying around collecting dust put the Printed menu in and there you have a it a Re-Useable Family menu . You can use a dry Erase Marker to write in the day spots of what you are making for dinner then simply erase after you are done and ready to put up the new month's meals.

Here is the Link again if you would like to purchase a custom designed menu or would like the pre-amde ones I offer Go here to check out prices .

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  1. It looks great! I love it. Thanks for linking to the party.


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