This is a Mural I painted on my nieces wall , This was before she got a new baby brother to share a room with , I will be sad when it gets painted over it was alot of work but so worth the smile on her face. Enjoy!
Ps anyone can do this Give it a Try!


  1. Wow, that is awesome. I have to disagree with your comment that anyone could do it... I'm pretty positive that I could not. I am amazed by your skill though and we don't all have to have the same talents right? What a boring world that would be. No, I'll sit back and admire, and not ever ever try to do something like THIS myself. Simply amazing.

  2. ahhh That is so nice! , Thank you :) Im gonna be sad to see it painted over . Im trying to think of something to paint on my boys room . its hard they are 7,6,and 3


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