Rit Dye Review and Giveaway

Hi everyone and welcome to day #6 of the HUGE blogiversary giveaway party!

Today's Giveawy is from a company called Rit Dye

Rit Dye is used to Dye just about everything you can think of

Baskets!!! How fun!

Okay seriously how can you not love this!

I'm Hooked I tell ya!

I love how easy it was to Dye something I kinda went nuts and was dying everything that was

around me including my New White curtains .. I have a upcoming post with all the projects I

have dyed so far but wanted to have this giveaway up first.


I promise you will be HOOKED on Dying!




a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Cindy A.4:41 AM

    I would attempt these ombré curtains: http://www.ritdye.com/content/honeysuckle-ombr%C3%A9-dyed-curtains

  2. Hmm I wasn't sure at first but looking at that Chair.. that looks so fun to me!

  3. I would love to use it for soccer socks!

  4. laura6:35 AM

    I would love to dye some old shoes I have!

  5. Ohh.. some shirts for my boys? Baskets!!


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