Finger Snapper Giveaway

Welcome to day #3 of Gomhp's Big blogiversary Party !

Today's giveaway is offered by a newer daily deal site called Finger Snapper

the difference about Finger snapper and other daily deal sites is that they  run all of our daily deals for the week the entire week!  What this means is you can now combine multiple items and only pay one shipping fee!!!  We still send out a daily email featuring one product each day, but at any time during the week any of the featured items can be ordered.

This give away is full of fun things...25 things to be exact!

Retail Value is Over $160!!

{Give Away is open to US residents only}

Here is what the winner will recieve (starting in the upper  left hand corner of picture):

  • Unfinished Family Plaque

  • Reversible Seasonal Blocks (includes set of three stacking blocks and 4 different layouts - Summer, Back 2 School, Fall, and Halloween) these are unfinished too

  • One Slap Watch of your color choice

  • 9 chalkboard decals

  • Unfinished Personalized Monogram

  • Unfinished Picture Plaque

  • Pair of Earrrings

  • 6 daisy mason jar lids

  • 5 mini scissors (one of each color: black, yellow, green, pink, and blue)

One of you Awesome GOMHP's Readers will WIN a Gift Box valued at $160! enter below

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  1. Get Pickin'! Pumpkin Plaque is deal of the day! Super cute :-)

  2. Deal of the day-- Monster Mash Frankenstein Plaque !

  3. Ally V4:16 AM

    what a fun giveaway! (:

  4. Ally V4:19 AM

    Monster Mash Frankenstein Plaque,

  5. Monster Mash! Frankenstein Plaque

  6. Monster Mash! Frankenstein Plaque

  7. laura7:10 AM

    Monster Mash! Frankenstein Plaque!

  8. Deal of the Day: Monster Mash Frankenstein Plaque!!! :-0

  9. ha ha ha.. A frankenstein Plaque! Classic!

  10. Kaitlin Boles6:36 PM

    Get Pickin'! Pumpkin Plaque is my favorite! All of them are definitely cute though!

  11. Cindy A.4:58 PM

    Monster Mash! Frankenstein Plaque

  12. Today's deal are the holiday plaques: Monster Mash, Pumpkin, Pilgrim, Snowman, & Christmas tree. They are all so cute and SUCH a steal!

  13. Monster Mash! Frankenstein Plaque. Thanks for Hosting!

  14. Ang Alford11:07 AM

    unfinished holiday plaques

  15. Today's deal is Countdown to Candy! Halloween Countdown!


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