Super Easy and Quick D.I.Y Fabric Wrapped Decor Balls

Hey ya'l!!I am so excited to be over here at Get Outta My Head Please!!

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I'm Kelsey from Tattered and Inked.

My blog is a hodge-podge of DIY home decor, free printables & lots of fun furniture redos. 

Today, I thought I'd share a super easy way to use up some of your scrap pieces of fabric and make something fun to use in your home decor too!! 

Here's what you need: 

*Styrofoam Balls in assorted sizes



*Fabric Scissors

First things first.

Get your fabric cut into bunches of strips. 

Each ball varies on how many strips it needs depending on it's size.

But it's usually between 5-7. 

Don't let them get much wider than about an inch 

(and smaller for the tiny styrofoam balls) 

or otherwise when you're wrapping them, they won't lie as flat and you'll have weird flaps sticking up!!


Once your strips are cut, 

start wrapping!
I always started right in the middle.

Wrap the fabric around, making sure it's tight.

Once it overlaps itself, stick a pin in it :) 

Keep doing this all the way around until all the white is covered. 

I used lots of different fabrics, including burlap and linen so I would have lots of color and texture!! 

Throw them in a funky bowl or other container and add a splash of color somewhere!

I piled mine into an over sized cloche I got at a garage sale. 


Aren't they fun?? 

They can be used in so many different places to add a little pop and personality!


I hope you enjoyed my little bit of craftiness today and I'd love to have you come visit me at Tattered and Inked sometime!

Or just come hang with me on Facebook!! 


thank you SO much for letting me hang here today!! 


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  1. Very cute...must try this!

  2. Kelsey is the BOMB! She has the cutest projects ever- love this one too!! Adorable!

  3. Seriously, Jen! You're the best :) Thanks for all your amazing & encouraging comments!!!!


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