Quickest Mostacholi Dinner Ever!

I'm NOT a cook not even a little bit ... One thing we do eat at least once a week at our house is Mostacholi its FAST and always a WINNER with the Kids.

All you Need is :

 Mostacholi Noodles

1 Bottle of Sauce ,

Mozzarella Shredded Cheese ,

and Some Biscuits   .

How to Make :

Boil Noodles

Add Sauce and Stir

Pour into Baking Dish

Cover with Cheese

Place in a 350  deree Pre-Heated Oven for 20 mins

And there you have it a Complete Dinner in under 45 mins!

Plus total cost was only $5 Not to bad for a family of 5


  1. Is mostacholi the same as penne pasta?! Yummy. I am always a fan of easy dinners!!

  2. Brooke6:46 AM

    Oh ya ... we use those kinda too when they are 10 for 10 :)

    I need cooking lessons ....


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