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Grandchildren and my Alzheiemers residents (I am a nurse in an assisted living facility with a locked Alz. unit) bring me such delight with their expressions and fanciful abilities to see beyond the confines of the ordinary and 'normal'.

                                   They allow me to discover the fanciful childhood me that has been pushed down deep with the responsibilities of adulthood.

                                    We had our granddaughters this week. Ages 11, 8 and two 6 year olds. We spent it at our small lakeside cottage. Six year old Delaney just couldn't wrap her mind or her tongue around cabin or cottage.

                                    We were out on the pontoon taking a ride the first step she made us all laugh when she asked where is 'our cabbage'? Older cousin and sister were quick to correct her. One said cabin and the other said cottage. Delaney continued to call it 'the cabbage'.

                                    Our cabbage is a perfect 'pixie and fairie cottage. It is green, small and cute. A small two room (large living area and bathroom) and attached porch. The main room is our kitchen on the east wall, living room on the south wall, bed on the north wall, dining room in the middle.

Firstnightcottage 013

Green on the outside, and yellow on the inside. A shelf runs along all the interior walls along the top. These shelves hold many special collectibles that we have discovered thru the years. The shelf directly above the stove/kitchen area has the Jewel Autumn Leaf cookware (whats left of it) set of my very special Grandmothers. Teapots from Mike's (husband) grandmother.

Augcottage 006 Augcottage 008

The other three walls have lighthouses, ceramic frogs, a Raggedy Ann/Andy doll Collection, and fishing tackle.

The lot is small and compact. Perfect for us since we both have started having some health problems. Very little to care for, but what is there is perfect. Perenials have brightened our visits each and everytime. Adding to its cabbage pixie charm. Mike has discussed building out to make it bigger, but I can't bear to destroy the flowers surrounding the cottage. They are just perfect.

Autumn campfire 048
Every season is a delight at our quaint Cabbage Cottage Cove. The name our granddaughters have given to this pixie house. Even the little shed with its holly hocks is easy to love.

Summergrandkids2012 168

We have greatly enjoyed being able to escape for a day or two at  a time in a busy schedule. So we have already come to cherish our time there. Having the grandchildren with us at the cabbage has made it all the more special. What warm memories this little cabbage has given to all of us.

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