Splish Splash Blog Bash



Hi everyone this whole week I have teamed up with some pretty dang amazing bloggers to bring a week of Fun with the "Splish Splash Blog Bash"

there will be lots to offer each day and the best part at the end of the week a HUGE giveaway !

The Party Host is Kelsey from Tattered and Inked!

So lets get started

Monday's theme is Summer Faves:

Summer Drink:

If this was last year I would be saying a LARGE coke please but now that I have been 5 months with no pop

I would have to say Vitamin waters.

Summer Vacation :

We went down to North Carolina a few weeks back it was so nice to get away and get down to the water.

Im excited in August for my birthday I get to go and see my mother in California . !!!

Summer Color(s):

Right now Im loving teal and green

Summer Activity:

Does sitting in the air conditioning count ???

Does sitting in the Air Conditioning Count

No probaly not lol

We have a pontoon boat so that is my favorite thing to do in the summer

Summery Snack:

Kettle Corn is my all time go to snack .

Summer Game:

I dont really have a Summer Game I guess Im pretty lame .. wow see what I did there .. Hmmm Maybe not so Lame.

Summer Song:

Nothing like driving on the  E-way windows down and blasting some 90's Jams.

Summer Fruit:

Watermelon .. its a MUST have in our house ..

Summer Flip Flops:

I have these beautiful White Flip flops that are from target Oh how I love them . as I get older its strange but Im loving Shoes I just want Lots and Lots of them !

 Women's Merona® Esma Sandal - Assorted Colors

Here are the other Blogs joining in the fun Check them out <3



So what are your Summer Faves?

The rest of the week agenda :

Tuesday- Summer Reads

Wednesday- Summer DIY or Dish

Thursday- Summer Threads

Friday- Epic Giveaway

See you Soon!




  1. yummm.--Kettle Corn! Yes Please! And wash it down with a Coke- well Alrighty Then!! Fun Post and Such a fun party w/ great great ladies!!!!

  2. These are so fun Brooke!! I LOVE Kettle Corn and am so sad I can't eat any {easily} because I have braces on right now, :( I'll live vicariously through you. ;-) And cute sandals! So fun partying with you this week!! Happy Summer! :)

  3. Love kettle corn! So you're an East Coast girl too?? Hooray!!

  4. Brooke9:45 PM

    Gotta love the east coast woooo what state are you in?

  5. I'm so happy to have found your blog Brooke. :) I can't wait for July. Hehe. I'm giving you the versatile blogger award.

  6. Brooke3:16 PM

    I feel so blessed thank you for including my little blog <3 you are too sweet !!
    I'm sorry I didn't respond sooner your comment went to spam .
    We are on our way home from vacation right now

    Hugs love


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