DIY Entry table { Sofa Table}

Before we moved in ...

Remember last week when I showed you my attempt to make a Entry table out of a dining room table

Well here it is after !

I cleaned it up and as for right now I'm leaving the legs as is but I painted the top with chalkboard paint .

I attached it with  Corner "L" brackets

ps . So Little #1 had a friend over our house for the first time and before showing him any of his things he walked him around and showed all the things his mama has built or done .. <3 talk about Love ..

what are your ides should I paint the legs ?

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  1. love it! There is a bedside table I have pinned on Pinterest that is like this- only square and hot pink :-)

  2. Brooke10:19 AM

    Thanks :) , Its Perfect the other side will become my bedroom vanity !!!

  3. How clever! What an awesome idea to use in small spaces =)

  4. Brooke1:24 PM

    Thanks Kristin I love it .. so unique and eclectic

  5. You clever girl you! This is great Brooke!! What color you thinking about painting? I say go for it! I love paint though!! :) Nice little fit for this area chick!

  6. Brooke1:39 PM

    well thank you :) ... I want to paint it .. I just don't know what color .. maybe I should go with White legs ?

  7. Oh wow! It looks great! Seriously!! I know you aren't done with it yet...I can't wait to see the rest of the story :)

  8. Brooke7:58 PM

    Thanks Meeg .. Im so stuck on what to paint the legs .. Should I do Blue should I do white .. Hmm might be time for photoshop lol

  9. What a great upcycle!! Love the idea, and really love the chalk board paint on top. I agree that painting the legs is a must. Can't wait to see what you choose!

  10. Brooke9:16 PM

    Thank you .. :) Im thinking white

  11. Love this idea!! Megan

  12. Brooke3:41 PM

    Thank you Megan :)



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