Old shelf transformation for only $1

Today we have a Guest on Get Outta my head Please everyone welcome Meegan from What Meegan makes.

Hi! I'm Meegan.  We raised 7 children, during which time I decorated wedding/reception venues for 17 years.   I get a thrill when I find an amazing deal, and turn it into something for our home or a gift. I enjoy refreshing furniture, rooms, frames, and our home. I love reading cook books, and trying a new recipes.

Hi There!!  My name is Meegan and I am over at What Meegan Makes.  I am excited to be Guest Posting here on Get Outta My Head Please.  Thank you Brooke for having me here.  You always have a fun blog to visit, and you are a GREAT bloggy friend.

I am REALLY lucky in the fact that I own quite a few pieces of furniture that were my grandparents.  This shelf is one of those pieces:

As a child, I remember Grandma's china, tea sets, and odds & ends sitting on this shelf in her dining room.  Then later in life, it hung in my Mom's home holding tea sets, and beautiful plates.    I, on the other hand decided to hang it in our bedroom.  I have been trying to refresh the colors in our home to lighter and brighter tones.  So that meant this shelf needed some refreshing as well.

I went to Home Depot to look for some paint and ended up at the "Ooops Table"  I found a can of Glidden flat whitish/creamish color for $1!!  I painted just about everything: Bookcases, frames, a clock, and anything I could.  I mean for $1, how could I go wrong?  By the time I got around to paint this shelf, I had BARELY enough left to cover it.  BUT, it was just the right amount I wanted and needed.

With a dry brush and scraping the whole can of paint, I came up with this look.  Prefect for some of our sand and shell collection, rather than china or tea sets.  The sand and shells go along with the rest of the motif in our home.

I LOVE how you can still see the wood grain through the paint.  I also sanded the edges for a worn, vintage look.

On some of the bottles I placed tags labeling where we had gathered our sand and shells. I purchased the tags from Wal-Mart.  Using my stamps I created labels.  Easy!

Doesn't she look great?  Bringing in a touch of my family's heritage and history,  along with things that I enjoy collecting.  Probably one of my favorite things to do-use vintage family pieces, then adding my own style and taste.

Thanks again Brooke for having me here today.  I am honored!

What Meegan Makes  It will be my pleasure to have you there :)

Make it a great day!


  1. I love every. single. detail. Great job, Meegs! It looks like a totally different piece!


  2. So so great! I love how the wood shines through..so pretty and Chic looking! This is a wonderful memory filled shelf. Lot's of Love up there ...it shows! Very pretty Meegan!


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