New Floors!!!!

I have been gone awhile the last project I posted about  was our living room/Dining room makeover the next step in our adventure is new floors .

I'm loving  the New wood floor it  goes Great with the current wood floor in the kitchen, We choose a darker shade since it was pretty impossible to match it but I'm really glad we couldn't I love the contrast between the two wood tones

 Here are the before and after's .. I think the previous owners might NOT like the changes we are making lol


The Next Steps are:

  • New Couch

  • Hang T.v.

  • Window treatments

  • Something to go under T.v.

  • Homework desks for Boys

  • Rug under dining Room table



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  1. Holy moly! They look amazing! We just got new carpeting a few months ago and it has made such a difference...I bet you are in heaven!


  2. wow! i love the color- i especially love the white dining room with the colorful plate wall!

  3. Wow--they look great! I love the plate wall, especially when framed by the blue around the doorway. Thanks for linking up :-)

  4. Brooke7:48 PM

    Well Thank you :)

  5. Brooke7:48 PM

    Ah Thanks for taking the time to leave me a wonderful comment :)


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