Spring Mantel

My favorite time of the year is here SPRING .

Have you seen these beautiful birds at Micheal's lately ? I just fell right in Love with them

Check out my turquoise Birds have you seen these beautiful birds at Micheal's lately ? I just fell in Love with them  I bought these beauty's and a few others to put other places they were 50% off  I got these two for only $3 a piece. 

Oh how I love these Owls I wrote up a post about how they went from Ugly to Pretty painting owls .

I have a small addiction to Milk Glass . <3 I also quickly covered some old books with contact paper front he dollar store to add some pretty color .

2nd take on spring mantel


  1. I love everything about it! The printable, the birds, the lamps, the milk glass...I am partial to the one with the milk glass for sure!

    Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

  2. Anonymous7:40 AM

    Brooke so adorable!! Love the Birds too. I love covering the books. I love the lamps. Okay.....I love it all!! XO Lv Mom

  3. SO many cute Spring touches and yes, I love them ;) I got the same contact paper for a project I need to do. (The green one) Looks darling on the books. Happy Spring =)

  4. Love the milk glass!! And the birds are a fun touch of color! LOVE the painted owls too!!


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