Just Add Plates

Yesterday I shared  the Pins that helped Inspire me to create a Plate wall of my own .

So I went hunting for unique plates to put on my wall with my color scheme but no luck and it was already stuck in my head so I have to "get it outta my head" so I went to the GoodWill and got a bunch of plates in different sizes I got 15 plates for under $6 total .


So My first Plate I made using some paper and mod podge other Plates I painted and added some of my favorite sliver ware ( I have a small addiction ) . My favorite one is this silly cute Bird plate I cut a bird out using paper , book pages then used my mod podge to
adhere it to the plate my favorite part I hot glued a twig under the birdy .

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Stay Tuned for Final pictures of my Plate Wall !


  1. How fun!! Can't wait to see them all hanging!

  2. Brooke9:02 PM

    It's looking so awesome I should have the final post Thursday our hardwood is being laid in the morning!!!! Yay

  3. Brooke11:09 AM


  4. Brooke11:09 AM

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