Gallery Wall Question

I'm trying to redo my gallery wall and would love some input and thoughts on what Im thinking about doing .

Here is what it looks like now bad quality sorry I took the picture with my phone 

I Love the contrast between my dark furniture and White accessories so I painted some extra shelfs I had in the garage and hung them up . 


Just small simple white shelf's .. Now for a New picture layout I own a Billion Black frames so i ned to get to work painting them all up and making new prints . I plan to do all black and white with this mat around the picture   also made the boys silhouette's 

I went into my Paintshop pro program and starting making a layout here is what I got so far what do you think?

If you like my House Rules you can grab the Free printable 

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  1. I think it looks great:)

  2. I think it's looking great! Perhaps a vase with a simple bud on that top shelf and a vibrant colored sculpture? At a loss for the other sure don't want to cover too much of the pictures.

  3. Natasha3:37 PM

    I LOVE it! Looks so great!

  4. Very nice. Isn't the white so much brighter? And, I love the hint of colors in the mattes. Also, I have to do these silhouettes I keep seeing, love em!

  5. Brooke,
    Wow- it's fabulous! Love the silhouettes and the big house rules and the colored mattes!

    Have you thought about just leaning (instead of hanging) the pics on the shelves on the right and left?. You could lean the bigger picture on the shelf against the wall, and lean the smaller one a bit in front of it to create a nice layered look.

  6. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Love it Brooke!! Yes I like the idea of some color Vase or things on the shelves that the boys love...fake bug a small sized guitar something to do with Karate. You are so creative...wonder where u get it!! XOXO Love Momma


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