Word of the year update { together}

Did you jump on the "word" of the year craze? I did this year I picked Together here are my reasons why 

I want to be together with my all of my boys and not just a Waitress , Taxi driver, Boo Boo fixer , maid , cook, etc.. etc... I want to be there with them I want to take more time to sit and be with them in the moment. Eat Together I'm sad to say that the past 8 years that we have not but a handful of times sat as a family to have dinner usually we are in front of a TV or the boys and I eat before BIG gets here , well a week before New Yeas Big suggested that we start eating as a family every night even when he is out of town , we started that night and we have so far done this we slipped one night when we did Pizza Night , It has been so great doing this and sitting and listening to the boys tell jokes to daddy mostly something with the word underwear in it then they all giggle its AWESOME!

I want to have my house together , I want it to be organized and CLEAN I know with having 3 small boys that is like asking for a miracle but I'm determined to make it happen this year.

I want to have my 
Fibromyalgia together this year I really need to get a good exercise pattern down i would love to feel better everyday and not just some days. ]

Eat together update:

  We sit together and have dinner its been such wonderful not only all the little giggles but they seem to eat better which turns out to make them fall asleep on time ..!

House Together :

   Okay I'm getting there , Slowly I'm moving from room to room trying to organize the biggest job of this so far was the linen closet which Never held linens but everything else I needed off the floor and hid away . 

Fibromyalgia Together :

    This is the hardest because everyday is different I can walk everyday on the treadmill but if I try and add in anything else I end up in more pain I know I need to push through and get my body used to it but its really hard to be in that much pain and take care of 3(4) boys , but Im trying to hopefully by 2013 I will have this together somewhat.

So I want to add another todo for my together goal I want to get my boys scrapbooks updated and together

How about you ? Have you gotten anywhere on your word of the year?

Im going to do a Link party next week so I can see what everyone has been upto . comment below if you want to join in 

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