DIY Square Craft table {Imagine the Impossibilities}

The last few weeks I have been kicking butt at getting my basement turned into a Craft Area ,you can take a look back at the Reveal
   I thought I should start the step by step's with the Square Craft Table . I have seen DIY sqaure table tutorials all over blog land but usually it included using these Square Storage Unit's like this :
3x3 Storage Unit - White.Opens in a new window
Which I LOVE!! but I really wanted to do this project using what I had and spend no more the $100 on the whole craft room project from start to finish . So I Grabbed 2 white desks I got from target last year when we moved in one was for BIG and one for me I only spent $80 Total { Clearance Rocks my socks }.

Target does not have it anymore but if you are interested in finding one similar the company who makes it is called Delany .

*I Took both desk and put them Back to back 
*Then I grabbed my Fabric which I love and only Paid $3 a yard for at Walmart

*The Desk's have a lip around the top so I took the handy dandy Glue gun and 
 and glued it underneath the lip all the way around I might add some trip around it. 


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  1. Wow, I have craft room envy! :)

  2. Ok, I LOVE THIS ! !Nice job ! I'm off to become a follower !

    1. Aw Thanks <3
      Off to check you out
      <3 brooke

  3. Yay!!! It turned out SO great! Lucky you...I want a nice big craft table like that!!

    Thanks SO much for linking up!! Made my day to see your pretty table on my homepage! :)

    1. Thanks :) I know I have to update this post .. while hunting in the back storage unit of our basement I found a piece of glass that fits on the top perfect for cutting fabric!

      Thanks for hosting your party! Will be there from now on <3


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