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The Wonderful Layla is hosting a Link party starting 1/16 theme is Word of the Year it seems to be the New "Cool" thing going around blog land so far this year , basically you pick a word that will help inspire you all year long. 

   I have been thinking for the past week about what my word would be and I think it will have to be ....

I want to have it all together this year 

I want to be together with my all of my boys and not just a Waitress , Taxi driver, Boo Boo fixer , maid , cook, etc.. etc... I want to be there with them I want to take more time to sit and be with them in the moment.
Edited to add: Eat Together I'm sad to say that the past 8 years that we have not but a handful of times sat as a family to have dinner usually we are in front of a TV or the boys and I eat before BIG gets here , well a week before New Yeas Big suggested that we start eating as a family every night even when he is out of town , we started that night and we have so far done this we slipped one night when we did Pizza Night , It has been so great doing this and sitting and listening to the boys tell jokes to daddy mostly something with the word underwear in it then they all giggle its AWESOME!

I want to have my house together , I want it to be organized and CLEAN I know with having 3 small boys that is like asking for a miracle but I'm determined to make it happen this year.

I want to have my Fibromyalgia together this year I really need to get a good exercise pattern down i would love to feel better everyday and not just some days. 

So Here's too 2012 and being Together! 

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  1. This is a good word. I was not able to join the party (or many others) this year because I do not have my act TOGETHER. Take it one room at a time and try to keep from backsliding. Maybe try family dinners 3 or 4 nights a week, and get the kids involved, even if only by having their input on the menu. But also remember that Together can mean them doing something FOR you, or that YOU enjoy. I learned too late that putting your needs and health always last does not benefit the family in the long run.


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