Valentines Day Table Center Piece (wedding flowers)

When I was planning My wedding in 2003  I found these Flowers at Walmart ... they were perfect for me and right inline with the budget so I picked the main bouquet up and some stem ones to make the bridal party flowers we took some Purple flowers and added them into them with some baby's breathe  ... Of course at the time I would have LOVED beautiful fresh "real" flowers but it just wasn't in the budget at the time , I'm so glad I didn't since now I have these all as a reminder of a Great day in my life.

Its time to change up the Center Piece so I went to find supplies ... I have these 3 balls that came in this Awesome Bowl but.... Preston broke that so I went looking for something to put them in when I came across this basket and next to it was this dark grass from the dollar store ( Im not sure what it called) and thought it would be a cute Bird's Nest and the balls could represent my 3 little's :) .. 

Then I took my Bouquet, the "Nest, and I also used the old bottle from New Years eve and stuck my bridesmaid flowers in that .

Last little touch was Bringing some RED love in ... I usually buy stuff from the dollar store and I don't use it for months lol .. these Red fake flowers were from last summer but it makes it complete I think ..

So Finishing Line .... I m lucky to be reminded daily of the BEST life choice I made on 11-14-03 <3 

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  1. Love that you could use a great memory in your V-day decorating!!

  2. @Eclectically Vintage
    Thanks Me too <3 How is your Imagine the Impossibilities coming along?
    Im 90% done!

  3. I think its awesome that you were able to use your wedding bouquet for your decorating! I still use so many of the things we bought for our wedding. Thanks for linking up to the 14 Days of LOVE link party!


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