Shipping/Cereal Boxes to Scrapbook Paper File

I posted a few days ago about the Imagine the Impossibility's Challenge I'm joining in on I just might have bitten of more then I can chew with this project , My New goal is too have everything cleared up and then next month I will go through and paint everything too match . 

Onto How to make a Scrapbook Paper File ( D.I.Y)

So how do you store your scrapbook paper ? Me oh you know the Best way you can in a pile all mixed up with different sizes in a box . I knew I would have to figure something better out at some point well guess what that point is NOW ... So after looking in circles for hours I remembered that a few weeks ago the mail man left us a "Welcome" to the neighborhood package that had 10 large flat rate boxes and a bunch of smaller sizes about 25 boxes total ... Funny part is we have lived here for a year! 

They are Perfect Size for scrapbook paper ( I DON'T RECOMMEND GOING TO THE POST OFFICE AND TAKING THESE BOXES FOR A DIY PROJECT ) I really shouldn't have used them for this but once the thought popped in my head I had to try it , I'm WEAK like that .  You could also use the LARGE cereal boxes to Do this or check your local stores and see if they have any boxes you can have . 

So I closed them up on both sides and cut them in half to end up with 10 paper slots . I got out the Glue Gun and Glued 5 of them together which gave me 2 stacks . 

Too make it a little Prettier I Wrapped it in Fabric I put paper around the box first to smooth it out a bit 


I painted the inside of them White since putting fabric on the inside was just a pain. 

I will be posted More of the ways I'm making this basement work for my craft supplies. 

( Sorry for the BAD pictures I was using My No Good point and shoot I always forget to have my batteries charged )

Stay tuned to see where I put it in my NEW craft office 


  1. What a thrifty idea! I have been using cardboard boxes for quite a bit of things lately. They really do paint up well. Can't wait to see you all linked up on the 31st!

  2. @Karah @ thespacebetweenblog
    They really do .. I also ended up making the kids a small caddy with the other sizes to hold their craft supplies.


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