Randomness Did you Know * Lice*

So the first week of December Dylan's class sent home a note that their was a kid confirmed to have lice in their class, my worst nightmare happened * LICE* not on just one but on all Three ... I thought I was going to DIE when I looked in Dylan's hair as soon as I parted it you could see it Racing through his hair ... Ekkkkk

   I found it at 8 pm on a yucky rainy cold night ... I have never had lice before and panicked and ran to wal-mart   with all three boys since Big was out  , Getting lice is not only a pain in the butt it is also very expensive .
I came home and went crazy on cleaning our house and them all I could think of was these little creatures EVERYWHERE.. So after 2 days of killing myself to get my Dirty ,filthy house clean and De-Bugged I could finally relax again .......

So on went the Weeks , I was happy and FREE and then..........

I opened the backpack to find the same letter again , I said to myself there is no way ...... Well Of course Im not that lucky ... and of course all THREE had it again , Ugh!

So now onto my randomness ... When I was growing up when someone would get lice or I would hear about it I just assumed that was a Fifthly person that they must never clean themselves for "BUGS" to be on them ... WRONG! Lice like "clean" hair ...
( I guess that is a POSITIVE about this now everyone knows my kids are clean )

I always thought that they would Jump to My head if I was close enough to someone that had Lice .. Nope Wrong again Lice do NOT jump .. Phew!

Now here is how to Check for lice

  1. Use a brush or an ordinary comb to first detangle hair.
  2. Once hair has been detangled, switch to the detection comb.
  3. Start at the middle of the front of the scalp.
  4. Comb the hair from the roots to the very end of the hair.
  5. After each stroke, examine the teeth of the comb for living lice.
  6. Rinse the comb if you find any lice.
  7. Continue combing section by section until you've done the whole head of hair.
  8. Make sure you cover every inch of the scalp, including the area just behind the ears and at the nape of the neck.
For wet combing, simply wash hair and apply conditioner before starting these steps. Afterwards, rinse out the conditioner and check hair again with the nit comb before drying.
People with thick hair often find conditioner makes it easier to get the nit comb through. If you have curly hair you may find that oiling rather than wetting hair makes it easier to use the nit comb effectively. You can do this with one tablespoonful of olive oil.
Facts Found on : Net Doctor 

So I will Attach A video of the Lice on Dylan's hair ...

Don't mind the talking , just watch closely I just want to Scream!!!!!! ugh we just got over it a month ago and now all 3 have it again :*( 
that is My oldest saying that we should just home-school ... they have had lice twice and whooping cough

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