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      have you Jumped on the Pinterest Wagon in 2011 ??? Oh you better believe I did and man oh man its like a little piece of heaven. I'm inspired daily to make and try new things  problem is that by the time I have sat for 3 hours straight looking through all these great pins I don't have enough time to do any of them  
I thought I would share My personal Most pinned and then a pin I re-pinned that has been re-pinned again the most times ( Kinda confusing I know ) 

 I made this Subway Art (Wall Art)

I put the First Name in the Large Font and their middle names vertical down the side of it and then of course the days the lord blessed me with them <3 . 
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This was re-pinned about 160 times in 14 weeks 

If you need inspiration to get organized then I suggest you visit the wonderful Becky over at organizing made fun
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this was re-pinned from my boards over 200 times in just 13 weeks I already know what the pin will be before I even open my email.

Here is my Pinterest if you want to follow me <3 Leave a comment below with your link I like to follow back 


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