Winter 2011 Handmade Gift Exchange [Craftaholics Anonymous]

A few weeks back I signed up to join in The Winter 2011 Handmade Gift Exchange hosted by Linda of Craftaholics Anonymous.  I was paired up with Angie From Our little Nest Up north  I love making things for mothers  I think every mother loves a keepsake of to remind of us of our children so after I found out some info about her and her children I got to work on her gift .

  I made Linda a key-chain with a penny for each of her kids birth years and a penny for her wedding anniversary then I added a little hand stamped tag that says Lucky with the I LOVE YOU sign , I really hope she likes what I made her :) I cant wait to see what she made for me she is very talented. 

Here are some pictures of what I made for her

It is illegal to deface U.S. coinage in a "fraudulent" manner. Therefore, as long as you are not doing it to commit fraud (trying to use the coins as legal tender after being altered), then it is perfectly legal.

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