Re-Purpose - Chalk Board Labels

Today is My first post on Re purpose today I'm going to use old address labels and contact paper to make chalk board labels .  

  I had this roll of address labels from our old house that I just couldn't throw away I knew I would find something to use them for well after a year I found it. lol "Chalk Board Labels" I also used this idea on some contact paper I had laying around.

At Walmart I found this chalkboard paint for .75 foam brush I had and of course the labels and contact paper  I had so this is pretty easy I'll let the pictures do the talking .

The edges were rough I just bent them down and you really couldn't tell 

I really like the contact paper you can cut any shape or size you want 

Sneaky Boy Lol 
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  1. Very cute! Now I know what to do with the ones I have had crammed in my desk for quite some time!

    Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

  2. Great idea for all those address labels I get in the mail as 'gifts' with a 'small donation' -- but, no donation is 'small' anymore, and who uses address labels? I do everything online - I guess I could use them on emails I send - but then my screen would get covered with those things... ah, I'm probably thinking too much, huh?

    Love you Brooke -- your Aunt Shaka...

    1. Thanks Shaka Momma I love you <3


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