Re Purpose - Large Butter Container & Freezer Paper Box to Drawer Divider

With No car and No school today was the perfect day to get some cleaning done so I jumped right in and got to work on my very messy kitchen drawers 
Im not really sure why there is pretzels and fruit loops in there??? 

 First things First Empty out the mess

I really wanted to make dividers out of wood but didn't have a car to go to the hardware store so I went on a hunt to see what I could use in the house to help me organize better , I found a empty box from freezer paper and some Tupperware from butter and cream cheese and a tin lasagna pan from the dollar store.

For the Butter Tubs I cut them in half 

Here is what is suppose to be the kids lid and straw drawer but it had a bit of everything in it ?

And here are the All DONE views! 

Always keep empty plastic food containers ! 

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