Paper Plate Captain America Shield!

A few posts back I posted about our paper plate ghost , Well as I was making it I had a idea hmmmmm So of course I had to get it out of my head :) 

 So here it is , A Captain America Shield , I searched online to see if i could find a similar project so i could link up different Ideas for you all , But didn't find anything if you know of someone who has made something similar feel free to link them up in a comment ! 

Supply's :

Pipe Cleaners 
Paper plate

First step bend your pipe Cleaner in Half , I also like to tape the ends  to cover the "pokey" ( cute word  ☺ )  Ends! 

Second Tape the pipe cleaner to the inside of the plate
Then Color your shield .

And that is its super fast and easy project that will give them a night of Fun and imagination playing! Oh and also will give mom a headache and at least 3 heart attacks as your 3 year old climbs the table and Jumps! 

Now those are the kind of super heros I like <3 

If you Make them and blog about them let me know I will link your project here <3 

Linking this project here :

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