Halloween Mantel

Im not really sure why but this mantel took me all day to create I just was not happy with the way it was looking at all but in the end , I love it! 

So here is what I did to make my Halloween Mantel 

Took all the stuff down from my Fall mantel and dumped out the basket of stuff for Halloween
this was spotless compared to the way it looked when i was done . 

Blank Canvas! 

I found this at the Dollar Tree! isnt it cute and for a $1 who can beat that?

LOVE this Frame 

Stuck this Hook to the back and wrapped the chandelier String around it to make it look like it was floating  

I posted about how I made my Halloween Globe Here 
Well ? ??? 

I love how this globe turned out you have to try it ! 

The Beware is a Halloween card My SIL sent to the boys , I love it! 

I bought some Eye Balls and put them in my Gum ball Machine 
Click on image to see how I made it !  

The Bunting is paint sample cards I had I used some decorative scissors ,hole punch and yarn and this is what I got.
 ( See mom my collection of fun (trash as you say ) comes in handy!lol)

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