FREE Printable Potty Charts

FREE Printable Potty Chart 

  Hi there all you Potty Trainers I hope you are all geared up and ready to say Bye Bye to Diapers I know I am I have been changing diapers straight since April 28th 2004 , Im so ready My first son was a Pain it was gosh over a year of training we started at 2 , my second son at 3 we started and he took right off and was fully trained in less then 6 months , Im hoping for good luck with our baby he just turned 3 and he has NO interest at all in the potty .  Anyways I made up some New FUN charts for him here they are I usually sell them but figured for a short while I would give them away for FREE! 
Tip: Put inside a picture frame and you can make it a dry erase image that way you dont have to keep printing ! These Images and downloads are for Personal use only! Please do not post images for download on your blogs if you want to share this please link them to this post to download . DO not use this image on items you plan to sell . Copyright belongs to mytimedesigns
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Enjoy Happy Potty Training!

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  1. THese are so cute! THanks for linking to the party.


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