Hall way Turned Mud Room

Entry way/Mud Room 

With the Kids back to school I really needed to get in gear with a new way to store backpacks and school stuff and shoes .  I did make my first attempt at something similar a few months back in my laundry room but  it wasn't practical the kids couldn't reach the hooks and they never made it there before shoes got off .  so i went on a hunt for some New inspiration and of course I went to Pinterest , well I seen alot of great ideas . 

My Hooks are some small wood pieces I had from a previous project and the hooks are my old kitchen cabinet knobs . 

Then I found this Little Stand at a garage sale for only $1 , its just been collecting dust waiting for the right project . So I thought it would be a quick and easy Shoe Rack . 

Well it works Great and all but I really Need Storage , so I went hunting through the house and found this Book shelf I got 3 years ago at a sale for only $4 ... Great buy . it has a hole in the back since it was used for the boys Tv stand in their room for awhile. 

So got it outside and got some paint! 

Its Perfect! 

So then I went to dollar store and asked if they had any extra boxes I could have to use for storage Bins . I got about 30 of them , you never know when you boxes. 

So future project is I'm going to Mod Podge them and make them pretty . 

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  1. Great idea! We need something like that at my place!

  2. Thank you .. It still working great! which is always risky when doing a project in a house of 3 well 4 boys if I count Big ( Hubby) lol . Thanks for the comment!


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